To whomsover it may concern, I'm Lee and i'm more-or-less a software engineer; welcome to my blog/website!

As the title suggests, this is pretty much a collection of notes - i'm not going for a particularly polished publication; I figure that writing stuff down, even if it's not really tuned to any audience, is simply a useful practice for me to do. It makes me step back and think a little more critically. It's also enjoyable to periodically flip through things I've worked on and have perhaps forgotten about. Finally, I can easily reference things I've done with a URL when the need arises.

I'm British by citizenship, and a US resident; I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2019, and I identify as Genderqueer and Polyamorous (go figure).

I generally work in the low level software space; I enjoy getting up close and personal with hardware. During the day, I'm developing and debugging debugging tools. I care about my day job out of necessity - if I'm spending all this time and mental energy doing something, it's only going to work out if it's something i'm passionate about; no doubt, I am incredibly fortunate.

When i'm not doing software stuff for work, I can be found reading about other software stuff, trying to better learn whatever mathematical concept has me beaten that week, playing music, messing around in the yard and lifting weights, though the pandemic has me really out of practice with the latter.