I remember a lot of stuff

Apr 27, 2021

Just today considering the scale of all that I've experienced. I don't know how much of this is a shared experience, but wouldn't be surprised if it's common for a human of my generation.
Sometimes I feel like i'm becoming overwhelmed with irrelevant, obsolete details taking up space in my consciousness.
I remember all kinds of things, like:

  • My first couple of phone numbers and zip codes
  • My school library card number (B139820)
  • The demo tune that came with an electric piano I owned.
  • The sound that a particular spell in the Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Playstation 2 game makes (kind of a stone-on-stone sound)
  • The wacky races video game music (again, PS2)
  • Various songs (many of which I didn't really like) from school plays
  • The little square magnets I used to put in beyblade spinning tops
  • Inner workings and details of multiple generations of technology that I have had to get acquainted with (windows 98 startup music is best startup music)

New things regularly trigger memories of these kinds of obscure irrelevant things, and it feels as if nothing ever really goes away; like having a song stuck in my head.

I'm currently a bit preoccupied about the capacity of my mind for this kind of thing; does it start to lose efficiency after you stuff too much into it? Where is all this stuff being stored? Do I need to somehow forget old irrelevant things to make way for new important things, and if so how?

I do also have a diagnosis of ADHD-C and have long experienced Obsessive-Compulsive-type intrusive thoughts; perhaps then it is sensible to consider it all through that lens.

Regardless, I am grateful for my human brain which is very good at a lot of important things, and with appropriate care I hope I get plenty more years of use out of it.